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Shadoopy. Ray-Bella. Figgie – Smart Machine Generated Dog Names

Yes these are names of actual dogs. But they weren’t birthed by humans…well not directly anyway.  These names and many more  were generated by a machine-learning algorithm.  The program creates dog names after studying  a list of 81,542 dogs registered in New York City. The experiment, which took just a few hours Saturday, was something I’ve wanted to...

Dog Fun

Flying Dogs!


The annual Seaway Splash has dozens of dogs flying off ramps and splashing along the St Lawrence Riverfront in Clayton. “We play all types of games on the dock, so today we’re...

Dog Facts

6 Dog Myths Busted!


It’s great that we are finally learning so much more about our best friend’s behavior.  Yet we still find that a number of misconceptions prevail and this article demystifies them....