10 Best Family Dogs For Families with Kids

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When adding a new member to the family, in this case, a dog, what should you consider?

Do you already have children?  How old are they?  What are their temperaments?

This article deals with choosing the right dog for if you have children.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider:

  • your house size
  • your family temperament
  • lifestyle

Here are 5 characteristics a dog should have to blend into your young family:

Calm. Children don’t always know how to play with the pet in the right way. Sometimes your children might hold your dog too tight or hurt them without knowing, for example. So you will need to choose a patient, resilient dog that is not too delicate or nervous toward kids’ behaviors.

You may think small dog breeds are the best for children as they look cute together, but actually many of them are very sensitive and nervous, which is not a great choice (you know kids are very noisy, right?).

Energetic. Children are restless small creature so the best dog breeds for them are those who have much energy to keep up with the kids without getting exhausted or annoyed.

Family-adaptive. When looking for a new dog for kids, it’s important to select one that can adapt easily to family living and affectionate with family. Plus, it should be a dog with warm and open demeanor. There are many dog breeds that need time to adapt to a family lifestyle so make sure you know about them.

Hypoallergenic. Most dog breeds cause or trigger allergy in human due to their fur shedding. If your kid has allergy, you can ask your doctor first before picking a dog. Actually there are dogs good with kid – especially kids with allergy like the Shih Tzu who doesn’t shed much.

So what dogs meet these criteria.  Let’s start off with one of the old time favorites.

1. Beagle

best dogs for kids

Beagle is listed among the kid friendly dogs thanks to its outgoing, calm and happy-go-lucky personality. This dog type is not too big and doesn’t require much brushing job so it’s very ideal for family life with kids. Many Beagle dogs can get quickly bonded with new babies in the house. What’s more, a Beagle is calm and gentle but they love outdoor activities too so if you kids love playing games, they can get along well without easily getting tired.

IMPORTANT !  Every dog is a different individual so the list below is only the generalizations of the dog breeds. And the way you raise your dog and teach your children about dogs matters too. Be a good dog owner. Plus, NEVER leave your kids or babies alone with your dog – always there’s supervision needed.

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Source:  Life Style 9

The Best Family Dogs For Kids And Babies



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