1st ‘Dog Bowl’ For Older Dogs

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Finally, something for us old folks and our older dogs.

It’s always nice to see veterans out on the football field. After years of experience, they’ve got it all down: the graceful moves, the athletic plays, the … sudden napping?

We’ve all witnessed and enjoyed the “Puppy Bowl” since its inception in 2005 thanks to Animal Planet.

Now we have a chance for the senior set of doggys to display their talents –  graceful moves, athletic plays, and the occasional sudden napping.

“Dog Bowl” divides 50 pooches from 10 states into two “teams” — Team Paws and Team Tails — with furry fumbles being called by “Rufferee” Dan Schachner. The four-legged players range in age from a frisky 2-year-old to a seasoned 15-year-old.

Enjoy the Dog Bowl and watch some video at the link below.

My Old Dog


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Source:  Today

Image: Keith Barraclough / Animal Planet


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