25,000 Stray Dogs in Guam – 4 Animal Control Workers = Trouble

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That was the number of stray dogs on the tiny island of Guam in June.  The problem is it increases faster than the only 4 animal control workers can handle.

This poses a health and safety issue.

US Army personnel, Adam Grimm explains the challenge and its relative problem to the people of Guam…

 “I’m all about dogs and people having domestic pets, but I have never seen anything like the stray population here. My wife and I like to take evening jogs, but these homeless and often aggressive animals roaming our neighborhood make it a risky situation. I have been stationed in states across the mainland and in countries around the world for the past 16 years with the military and have seen a lot of things, but here in Guam, this issue seems to have gotten out of hand,” he said.

The island is missing 2 additional workers.   Two only.  That will not solve the problem.

The 4 workers put out traps, but people steal those traps to use to capture wild boars.

People feeding the stray dogs also leads to challenges.

 Guam’s animal control strategy has been ‘catch and kill’. It’s unenlightened, inefficient, and perhaps worst of all, ineffective. 

Sterilization has its challenges

  • Cost $89 per dog
  • leads to extended lifespan (about 3 years)

But the big problem is what is the problem throughout the world with dog problems: irresponsible dog owners.

What do you see as a solution?

How does your community handle stray dogs?

Source: USA Today
Image:  Rick Cruz/PDN)


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