A Dog’s Purpose – The Movie – The Uproar

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Here is a movie that started out with great intentions.  However, some people who felt it was important to reveal that a dog was under tremendous stress while doing a scene got media attention from TMZ and PETA.  TMZ showed a segment with this headline:  “TERRIFIED GERMAN SHEPHERD FORCED INTO TURBULENT WATER.”

That definitely hurt the ticket sales, but the show still did well throughout the nation.

In case you haven’t heard about the movie, here is a brief description.

The film started as someone is asking questions about life, as we see clips of happy families. The narrator turns out to be a dog named Bailey (Josh Gad), who reveals that he was many different dogs at different points of his many lives. He starts at the beginning, when he had a young owner named Ethan. Bailey always knew what to do to cheer Ethan up, and even helped an older Ethan approach a girl by pulling at her skirt. As Ethan and the girl start dating, the years go by, and Bailey could tell that his time was coming to an end. He is then returned to the world as a female German Shepherd who grows up to be a police dog. With each new life, he shows us how he learned a different lesson.

Do you think the movie should be banned or picketed?

Source:  LA Times


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