About Us

I started out to make Doggy News Daily a big news media for dogs, well dog lovers.  But it’s become much more. It’s like when you decide to venture out into teaching. A number of benefits accrue to the teacher.  That is if you go about really wanting to to teach.

  • You learn more than you thought was possible
  • You know very little about the subject, and you know it
  • You delight in finding out the minutia of narrow subjects
  • You enjoy spreading the word on what you know and what you just learned.
  • A smile invades your face almost all the time.
  • Oh and time slips by as you investigate more

This about page will change and evolve.  I’ll add my history with dogs and my other loves which will take us back to Columbus Ohio.

I hope to convey to you just how amazing dogs are and why they are clearly man’s best friend.  The more I read and discover reminds me of that.  The only dogs that aren’t man’s best friend is when some men treat dogs poorly and let their dogs develop bad habits through largely cruelty.

So watch, read and participate in this wild a great adventure. . . . and bring your best friend along.


James Michael