Autistic Dogs Can Help Humans?

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You’ve seen when a dog chases their own tail and spins around feverishly.

Well  “Moon,” is a white bull terrier with a black spot over one eye, playfully chases his tail…a bit too aimlessly.  

The author of “Pets on the Couch,” and veterinary behaviorist at Tufts University Nicholas Dodman, believes Moon has a dog version of autism spectrum disorder.

Dog autism, like Moon’s spinning, may seem unserious. But investigating autistic-like behavior in canines could also help people. With Autism Spectrum Disorder now affecting one in 68 human beings, psychiatrists are eager to find a faster, more accurate way of diagnosing and understanding the disease in people

Mr Dodman believes there’s a strong genetic component particularly in bull terriers since as many as 85% of their litters have compulsive tail chasing behavior.  But he is trying to find Biomarkers so they can make assertions about humans and find ways to people with autism.

These findings are fascinating and well worth a read at the source below.may be able to help

Source: KATHRYN BOWERS Post-Gazette
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