Dogs Chase Doggy Food Truck The Fetch Treat Truck

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The new Fetch Truck is a bit like the old neighborhood ice cream truck.   I remember those days when we would go chasing the ice cream truck and often our dogs would follow or often run ahead barking at the truck.

Well now our dogs have a great reason to run ahead and meet up with the Fetch Truck because it has doggy foods like artisan dog biscuits to the more exotic maple bacon flavored ice cream in an edible bowl.

Allison Whitfield-Smith who has a golden Labrador retriever mix and Lulu, a chihuahua mix – wasn’t trained in cooking, but has created the Fetch Truck.

Fetch’s treats range from $.50 to $3.50. It carries a variety of dog ice creams, as well as biscuits from local makers like CahaBones.

Whitfield-Smith is a Hoover resident, but she’s brought the truck to various dog-friendly events like McCalla Walla and dog parks. She’ll be appearing on Saturday at a Pug Social at Dog Days of Birmingham.

The ice cream is lactose free, since many dogs can’t process lactose. She also has chocolate flavors for dogs, which use Carob, which dogs’ stomachs can handle.

“Everything we make is made of human-grade ingredients,” Whitfield-Smith said.

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