Here Is How Navy Uses Dogs To Help Depressed Seamen

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The Navy has found another way for mankind to utilize dogs.

As Therapists.

We lost 130 active servicemen to suicide in just the firs half of 2017.

Now Senior Chief Brad greets sailors and marines regularly for doctor appointments.

Senior Chief Brad is a golden retriever yellow lab mix.

Why are dogs helping out?

Dogs appear to be picking up on pheromones and/or physical cues that navy men are stressed and then alert them and their handlers.

“Chief Brad has helped hundreds of sailors on JBA, not only with small day-to-day interactions. But there has been three cases specifically on the Navy side that have dealt with severe stress, combat deployments and the incidents that have really hit to the heart of readiness of the units: tragic events, accidents, suicides or combat deployments or situations regarding family members,” Coogan said.

For more than two years, Chief Brad and his handler have worked with sailors and marines in medical facilities on JBA and across Washington, D.C. metro area.

This video reveals the immense value Senior Chief Brad provides to service men.

“Just kneeling with Brad, rubbing his ear, watching his tail wag, it rejuvenates me. It reminds me of what’s important in life.”

– CDR Damon Hildebrand

“Dogs like Senior Chief have actually helped service members who have seen too much and that have come back with emotional scars,” Naval Air Facility-Washington (NAF-W) commanding officer Capt. Robert Coogan told Fox News.

Currently there are 29 dogs in America providing this service.

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Source:  Fox News


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