Here’s The Scientific Reason Dogs Save Lives

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There are many stories of dogs saving peoples lives…and sometimes sacrificing their own in the process.  For example:

In Atlanta in 2014, a German shepherd saved the lives of two family members during a road-rage confrontation. Witnesses said an armed driver followed a family to a strip mall and started shooting, prompting the family dog in the car to jump into the line of fire, shielding a child and a woman. The dog later died.

So what motivates a dog to show extraordinary empathy and courage for their caretakers?

Scientists have looked at this and recent studies reveal some rather interesting findings:

What happens when you look into your dog’s eyes

Dr. Brian Hare, founder of the Duke University Canine Cognition Center, said canines have learned to bond with us and — to a certain extent — “read our minds” like no other animals can.

“What is extraordinary is that dogs are so close to us — and so much a part of our lives — that they sometimes happen to be in the right time and place, and whether intentional or not, manage to save lives.”

They bond with us — in some ways like children bond with their parents.

This article reviews some of these questions and is quite valuable in helping us understand these doggy qualities.  They even look at why might dogs attack owners.   Read more at the source below.

Source: THOM PATTERSON , CNN  Click On Detroit


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