Here’s Why Your Dog Lashes Out

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You’re out walking your dog on a leash when suddenly he leaps forward and lashes towards another dog or another person.
What do you do?
What should you do?
This article by Najja Parker reveals what a new finding or report has found for this situation and will  tell you exactly what to do.
It turns out that hormones may be the cause according to this new report.
The report is the result of experiments conducted by University of Arizona scientists has been published in  Frontiers in Psychology.  The report shows how aggression can be caused by certain biology within a dog.
The scientists examined dogs from owners of varying ages, breeds, and sexes that struggled with leash hostility, particularly examining the levels of hormones within the study dogs.

dog attacks and dogs lashing outAfter analyzing the results, they found that the ones that reacted aggressively had increased levels of vasopressin, a neurohypophysial hormone that has been associated with aggression in humans.


Interestingly, they discovered higher levels of oxytocin among service pooches.

“Seeing high oxytocin levels in assistance dogs is completely consistent with their behavioral phenotype − that they’re very, very friendly dogs that are not aggressive toward people or other dogs,” co-author Evan MacLean said in a statement.

So, how do you keep your pup from lashing out?

Researchers suggest pet owners expose their four-legged friends to pleasant human interactions on a regular basis.

“Previous work shows dog-human friendly interactions can create a release in oxytocin in dogs,” MacLean said, “and when dogs interact with people, we see that their vasopressin levels go down over time.”

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Source: Najja Parker AJC: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution



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