Marijuana Can Help Calm Dogs

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This article depicts something new that has come out of the growth of marijuana usage as a medicinal.   An extract from marijuana, CBD that is very unlike the high inducing THC helps to quell the dog’s nerves.

You would simply give your dog a squirt of the CBD extract to keep them calm, particularly now around July 4th.

There has been a lot of study revealing the possible benefits of CBD in reducing chronic pain, anxiety and seizures in humans, for example in humans.

There is also a bit of controversy as one might expect:

Still, cannabis therapies for pets fall into a legal gray zone. While numerous states, including California, have legalized medical marijuana and/or recreational pot for people, cannabis remains federally illegal, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration recently clarified that it considers CBD extracts unlawful too. None of the cannabis-derived products for pets are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and state licensing agencies, such as the California Veterinary Medical Board, don’t allow veterinarians to prescribe them.

Shu says marijuana has long had a bad reputation in the veterinary community, which has seen many ER cases of dogs suffering toxic effects from gobbling down their owners’ marijuana stash or edibles. Large doses of THC, the chemical that produces pot’s intoxicating effects, can cause wobbliness, disorientation, vomiting and loss of bladder control in canines.

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Source:  Southern California Public Radio


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