Miniature Horses and Donkey Fatally Mauled by Dogs at Zoo

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What is going on????

More and more fatal attacks by dogs are surfacing!

Are there too many dogs that are running wild?

Are their toooo many dog owners that are wild and careless.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose reported that 2 or 3 dogs entered their zoo at night and killed miniature horses and a donkey.

Two of the dogs have been detained, but no one has stepped forward.  Gee, I wonder why?

The zoo workers were hit hard by the maulings and are taking steps to prevent the same from happening again.

“To me, the biggest takeaway is to help keep your pets safe by keeping them secure,” said Riegel, the zoo director. “We all love our animals, and responsible pet ownership is the best thing you can do for the animals you love and all the other animals.”

What can we do about this?

What do you suggest?

Raed more below…

Source:  LA Times


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