Pit Bull Attack Kills Husky – Stricter Laws for Dangerous Dogs Needed

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Sadly a Husky was killed by 3 pit bulls in an attack in Sarpy County in Nebraska.

A neighbor and his grandson were alerted by loud dog fighting noises.  After calling 911 and being told to stay clear, they went to try and save the outnumbered Husky.

“The grandfather using all his might with a cast iron skillet and the 9-year-old using all his might with cast iron skillet couldn’t stop them,” Barry described.”Finally, they were just yanking and getting one dog off at a time. The husky didn’t make it.”

The dogs’ owner, James Lee said his pit bulls and his girlfriend’s husky normally get along but he thinks they were fighting over a bone.

“It went too far, ” Lee said. He said he considers all four of the dogs family and he said, “they are not fighting dogs.”

The neighbor has had to call 911 previously about the dogs fighting and is concerned about them getting out or digging under fences and perhaps attacking children or adults.

But what can be done?  The neighbor has raised the question before but gets the same answer from Sarpy County Commissioner, Jim Warren.  The counties are limited to developing ordinances.

The only dog restriction is households are not allowed to have more than 4 dogs. If so, they need to apply for a kennel license. But Warren said kennel licenses are difficult to obtain in residential areas because of zoning regulations.

So what kind of regulation do you put on dangerous dogs?

What are dangerous dogs?

Perhaps we should ask what are dangerous dog owners?

Source: KETV 7 abc



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