Uber for Dog Walking

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Now, this is cool!  Dogs need to get out and some people have more time and energy to PROPERLY exercise your dog.

All dogs need to get out.  Oh, by the way, so do people.

But if you can’t get out with your dog(s), then call up  Rover or Wag — Uber-like operations headquartered in the tech-forward West (and expanding)

This type service is long been in need and inevitable.

Here’s how one of these companies got started:

 Co-founder Greg Gottesman’s family dog, Ruby, came back with kennel cough after being boarded. That bad experience and the coincidental success of Airbnb convinced him and fellow co-founder Philip Kimmey that the on-demand market for doggy services was out there, barking to be heard. Rover has since acquired companies including the dog-walking app Zingy and home-boarding business Dog Vacay, helping build a network that Kimmey says exceeds 100,000 sitters.

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Source:  The Ledger


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