UPS Drivers and Their Dogs

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5 years ago a UPS driver, Sean McCarren (41) created a Facebook page UPS Dogs.  Sean, a 17 year UPS driver, wanted to share one of his splendid job perks with the rest of the world — his doggy buddies along his routes.

UPS dogsOn UPS Dogs UPS drivers share photos and videos of all the doggy buddies they meet on their routes.

“When you’re running into dogs all the time, it creates a bond when you see them every day,” he told HuffPost. “It’s cool to meet some of the same dogs on the route, because they know who you are and they are excited to see you.”

Sean now has over 300,000 followers, and he has a theory as to why it’s so successful.

“The appeal is that it’s all positive, not negative,” he told HuffPost. “There’s no views of what people think about this or that, just dogs and an occasional cat, donkey, turtle or bird.”

Sean points out there is one downside to his popularity…

The biggest fear is forgetting to buy a new box of dog biscuits when you run out,” he said. “If you forget it’s tough saying, ‘Sorry!’”

Source: HuffingtonPost


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