VA Conducts Experiments on Dogs Then Kills Them

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There is a push in Congress to de-fund dog experiments.

The move has been prompted by an investigation by the VA’s Office of Research Oversight.  They discovered that researchers at the VA facility in Richmond, Va., failed to document properly whether dogs had been treated properly.   They revealed that 4 dogs suffered complications in experimental surgeries.  

Going forward, top VA veterinary officials will have to approve any research on dogs, and scientists will have to review proposed dog experiments more rigorously, says Michael Fallon, the VA’s chief veterinary medical officer.

For years, researchers have been pointing out that they need dogs to learn how to better treat humans.  The age-old story.  But what lengths can they go to?

This is an important and tricky situation that should find a balance between proper research and dog humanity.

What do you think?

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Source:  USA Today


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