Why Do Dogs (and Cats) Eat Poop?

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One of our favorite doggy veterinarians, Dr Karen Becker, gives us some insights and tips on your dogs poop eating habits – Coprophagia.

  • Coprophagia is a disgusting but extremely common behavior in pets, especially dogs

  • Believe it or not, there is actually one stage in a female dog’s or cat’s life when coprophagia is expected

  • A discusses a really disgusting but very common problem for many dog owners —n underlying medical problem or dietary deficiency can cause a dog to develop coprophagia

  • Coprophagia can also stem from behavioral and environmental issues, such as boredom, curiosity and imitating other neighborhood pets

  • When the activity is long-standing and behavioral in nature, it can be difficult to extinguish

  • There are several steps you can take to curb your pet’s poop-eating behavior

Dr Becker gives some advice in her video about this really disgusting but very common problem for many dog owners —

She reveals the 3 main reasons dogs eat poop – Enzyme Deficiency, Parasites and Poor Diet, but more importantly, she talks about he ways to help curb and stop it.

First on the agenda is to pick up your dog’s poop immediately, as soon after he eliminates as possible. Don’t give him the opportunity to stumble across old feces in his potty spot.

Next, if you have cats, get a self-cleaning litter box or place the box in a location in your home where you dog can’t get to it.

I also recommend you improve your pet’s diet as much as possible, and add digestive enzymes and probiotics at meal time.

Offer toys to your dog that challenge his brain and ease boredom.

Sufficient exercise is also crucial in keeping your dog’s body and mind stimulated. Bored dogs tend to develop far stranger, disturbing habits and behaviors than dogs that get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Lastly, consider trying one (or more than one) of the many over-the-counter coprophagia deterrent products. These are powders you either sprinkle on the stool itself or feed with meals to create an unpalatable stool. But keep in mind these powders contain MSG, including most of the remedies you can buy online.

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