Your Smiling Face is What Dogs Love To See

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New Research now reveals dogs are like No other animal.

Out of Finland (University of Helinski),  Prof. Outi Vainio, led a study that indicates there is a virtuous circle of affection between dog and humans…

the nicer you are to your dog, the more of the love hormone they will secrete. In turn, this will make them love you even more — so much so that they might even ignore danger for your sake.

So clearly we should be smiling very often into our dog’s eDog's eye Pupilyes because that will increase the levels of oxytocin in your dog.

While researchers know this they just discovered more oxytocin also makes dogs prefer smiling faces over threatening ones — kind of like we do.

By default, dogs tend to focus more on the most salient aspects of a social situation — such as frightening cues in a dangerous situation. However, oxytocin seemed to make them override this survival instinct; dogs that received oxytocin were far more interested in smiling human faces than threatening ones.

This is fascinating and encouraging information.  Just how they discovered this was by being the first researchers to study your dog’s eye pupil size.

You’ll want to read the entire article at the source below.

Source: Medical News Today


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